Health Status Update

For those of you following my diet, I wanted to let you know that I just had a complete physical and blood work. The results were nothing short of amazing. Here are the numbers:

  • Total Cholesterol – 125 (Normal range is 125 to 200)
  • HDL (“Good”) Cholesterol – 45 (Normal range is > 40)
  • LDL (“Bad”) Cholesterol – 62 (Normal is < 130)
  • Non HDL Cholesterol (includes VLDL) – 80 (Normal is < 150)
  • Triglycerides – 91 (Normal is < 150)
  • Total Cholesterol to HDL ratio – 2.8 (Normal is < 5.0)
  • Glucose – 99 (Normal is 65 to 99 on some measures, 70-110 on others, 140 is diabetic)

All of the other readings (e.g. Sodium, Potassium, Blood Count, Calcium, CO2, Chloride, Bilirubin, etc) were almost exactly in the center of the range. In other words, my blood work was pretty much perfect. My blood pressure is 132/70, which is a bit higher than I’d like to see (though the doctor is OK with it given my weight and all of the other factors). I suspect that dropping another 25 pounds will bring that down as well.

One note on the glucose level. It’s a bit high (and in fact, it was 110 the first time I was tested). This is most likely due to my body still recovering from insulin resistance and not regulating glucose properly. Between the first test and the second test, I cut the berries and wine from my diet and dropped the glucose by 10%. More than likely, I have to avoid fructose entirely, at least until I see my fasting glucose come down to the 80’s or so.

My weight loss is now at 62 pounds. I have another 25 to go to get to the weight I want to be at. My doctor is OK with that, but he would prefer about 35. He’s working from the ‘standard’ tables that show me as ‘obese’ at anything over about 190 pounds. I don’t agree with those tables, and given the blood work, I’d say that my risk levels from those extra pounds (according to the chart) are nil.

Stay tuned for more politics. Next post should be coming by the weekend!

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