Obama: The Only Thing We Can Cut Is Social Security

Putting together all of President Obama’s rhetoric and speeches over the last few months, this is the conclusion: He thinks no USA government spending can be cut except Social Security. In fact, to put our money where his mouth is, he will submit a budget that includes, for Social Security payments and other similar payouts, a revision of the calculation of the consumer price index (CPI), this one called the “chained” CPI (CCPI).

The CCPI removes the prices of some goods currently counted in the CPI and replaces them with others. The CPI is defined as a representative sample of goods people generally purchase, and it is used to calculate how much to pay out through certain programs such as Social Security. By advocating a reduction in the calculation of CPI, the president’s proposal will reduce the rate of increase in Social Security payments, putting the beneficiaries of this program even further behind the rate of the increase of the cost of goods.

Couple this with the dire warnings about the “fiscal cliff” and the “sequestration,” in which the president professed to yield nothing to those who proposed neither to make cuts in the rate of increase in government spending nor to increase the rates of taxes.

The logical result: President Obama wants nothing to be cut except Social Security. Some Democrat! Some liberal!

There are so many places to cut the USA budget without putting additional costs on the elderly, disabled, and others on Social Security. It just demonstrates the folly of this nation’s—and every nation’s—attempt to have everybody live out of the back pocket of everybody else. What a folly is the nature of the government as a band of robbers writ large. Ecrasez l’etat!