Your Grandchildren Will Live Under Communism!

Your grandchildren will live under Communism—so claimed Nikita Khrushchev. He thought it would be via conquest and the alleged superiority of the Soviet system that would bring this result. Instead, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was the citizens of America that meekly surrendered their freedoms in favor of an overarching, all-controlling government.

It has really come to this. When I wrote my post “Papers Please, Comrade“, we didn’t have the information about the scope of the NSA’s spying on Americans. Now we do, as documented in my post  The Surveillance State. Every day brings new revelations on powers exercised by the US government that smack of the old Soviet Union. Journalists are spied on and threatened. More and more documents are classified to prevent citizens from knowing what their government is doing. Secret courts issue secret warrants and make secret rulings. The IRS is used as a weapon against political targets.

It doesn’t end there. Regulatory agencies operate as petty dictators, imposing increasingly draconian rules and regulations on everyday citizens that violate the spirit and letter of the Constitution, and the Courts aid and abet them. These regulations destroy freedom and liberty and limit opportunity. Not to mention destroying jobs.

The thing is, you aren’t even safe from government control doing the most mundane things. Did you know that if a friend offers to let you use his computer and says “you may only open the web browser” and you subsequently open a word processor, federal prosecutors consider that a felonious act! The same could be true for accessing a public website! And they are trying to make it worse! There are so many ways to be convicted of a felony that it is impossible list them. In fact, it might not even be possible to know about them, since violating the laws of another country that we have a treaty with can result in felony prosecution! Then again, so can walking on the street in Virginia wearing a mask—and note there is NO exception for a ski mask during winter. And you don’t even have to cover your face to be guilty.

It goes on and on and on. Lifetime registration as a sex offender for urinating outdoors. Ditto for having sex with your 16-year old girlfriend the day you turn 18. Increasingly severe penalties for the most minor offenses. Piling-on of charges to force guilty pleas for weak or flimsy cases. Using laws designed to fight organized crime against individuals and small businesses. Asset forfeiture that requires you to prove innocence to get your property back. Administrative hearings run by politicians with redress to court only if you file a civil suit and bear all the costs. You are a slave, the property of the state, and you can not escape. A far cry from what the Founders intended.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the public schools are teaching your kids to be informers (what the Russians called ‘stukach’). Pediatricians are doing the same thing. In the schools, they are demonizing tobacco, alcohol, drugs and guns and teaching the kids that these things are bad and asking questions in such a way as to have the kids inform on you. Pediatricians are being encouraged to ask kids if there are guns in the home. If your kids inform on you, there are all kinds of things that could happen. For example, some DCFS (Department of Children & Family services, possibly differently named in your state) could try to “inspect” your home out of concern for the child’s safety and they often have broad powers to take your kids from you.

When making things illegal and taboo doesn’t work, or in the rare occasion when the courts limit governmental power, financial penalties are used to control behaviors and force obedience to the desires of the state. Taxes are raised on things the state doesn’t like and subsidies offered for things it does. Government contracts and jobs are awarded only to those who bend the knee to the desires of the government. Even if you refuse, your employer likely cooperates with the government on many things due to financial concerns.

The assaults aren’t slowing down. In fact, they are accelerating. One of the scariest assaults right now is on the First Amendment. The loony left, completely out of its mind over Citizens United, is proposing a Constitutional Amendment that would strip all corporations of all rights. If this Amendment were to pass, NO corporation would have any rights. That means that the Chicago Tribune no longer has the right to publish. It’s a corporation. The ACLU would no longer have standing to sue on its own behalf. It’s a corporation. Churches would no longer have freedom of religion. They are (usually) corporations. All of this because the left simply can’t stand the fact that a group of individual owners of a corporation pool their resources for political action. I would note that if the proposed Amendment passes, unions would no longer have any rights either, as they are (usually) corporations. This is not an exaggeration.

Does all of the above sound like the former USSR to you? It certainly sounds like it to me. In a single generation we have implemented the powers of a dictatorial state. It seems to me that Khrushchev was right, though I might argue that what he have is fascism rather than communism, but that’s like arguing whether it’s better to be stabbed to death or bludgeoned to death.

It’s only going to get worse until We the People stand up and put a stop to it.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodies?

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