The Chief Struggle: Part 8. Your Body

This is one in an occasional series about how government agents cause or heighten animosity among people in society. See the previous parts.

Your income and monetary wealth do not belong to you. That is the reasoning behind the 16th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution: The national government has first dibs on your income, leaving you whatever part—if any—its politicians deem you may keep.
Likewise, your body does not belong to you. You may do whatever you like with your body as long as politicians and bureaucrats have first crack to let you know what you may and may not do. (I mean this, as you may have guessed, outside the limits of respecting others’ natural rights.) One recent example occurred within the California penal system.
Doctors within the California penal system are alleged to have sterilized women whom they determined were likely to repeat offenses so as to return to prison after their releases. Note also the most jarring quote associated with this story: “Everybody was operating on the fact that this was a reasonable thing to do,” explained Dr. Ricki Barnett. “Everybody” and “fact” caught my eye; I expected a statement along the lines of, “Administrators operated on the assumption that this was reasonable.”
Note this well: You do not have permission from the government of California to reproduce as you think best. “Everybody” knows the “fact” that inmates have given up their permission to reproduce.
It is time we take back our natural rights from politicians and bureaucrats. Let us eliminate the institution that allows them to carry out their every desire: Ecrasez l’etat!