About Us

No Consent is a blog dedicated to the principle espoused in the United States Declaration of Independence that governments only derive their just power from the consent of the governed.  That overriding idea, addressed from any angle, is the core value held by the editors and authors who contribute articles to this site.  Of course, comments are welcome from those who have any viewpoint.

Stephen Adams, the founder of this site, has a Bachelor of Science degree in History from Elmhurst College.  He is an IT Manager that has worked for several major global companies. An extensive world traveler, he speaks several languages. He is married and has 5 children. He has studied the Constitution and Founding Fathers extensively and his hobby is Constitutional Law.  A fan of Reagan in the 80’s, he has moved towards libertarianism, though he rejects the extreme pacifism and isolationism espoused by many libertarians. A major Ice Hockey fan, he roots for the Pittsburgh Penguins. He blogs under “Founder’s Blog“.

Stephen J. Chojnicki, a contributor to this site, is a radical, philosophical anarchist. Having studied works by Rothbard, von Mises, Read, Kinsella, and others, he left behind the right-wing conservatism of his youth in favor of anti-state, anti-war, pro-market voluntary associations among people. He studied mathematics and philosophy while earning his Bachelor of Arts degree, and he earns his salt as an editor at a small book publisher. He blogs under “This Gent Don’t Consent“.

Josh Hanson, a contributor to this site, is a past Libertarian Candidate for Illinois Secretary of State and former Chair of the DuPage Libertarians.  Despite holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Wheaton College, he accidentally fell in love with economics after graduating and now works as a Project Coordinator in the merchandising/point-of-sale industry to make the money necessary to feed his addiction to books.  He blogs under “Radical Cooperation“.

Erich Buerger, a contributor to this site, is a recent graduate of Loras College and currently works as an Account Executive at a transportation brokerage in Chicago, IL. During his four exciting years at college – years he wish never ended—Erich studied both Marketing and Sociology. When he wasn’t hitting the books, Erich was writing a weekly column for his school newspaper, The Lorian. It wasn’t until his Junior year of college that he finally “saw the light” and began to appreciate the cause of liberty. Ever since then, he couldn’t stop writing and sharing his thoughts with others. He blogs under “Peaceful Dissent“.

Thomas F. Schminke, a contributor to this site, is an Enterprise Linux Architect for a major global brokerage firm.  He has a B.A. in Economics and Political Science from Drake University where his work focused on Comparative Systems and Developing Economies.  He also completed ROTC and was commissioned as a Military Intelligence officer.  After a few years of working for failed political projects and candidates, Thomas landed a Unix System Administration role in the mid 90’s and worked as a BN S-2 in the Iowa Army National Guard.  He also managed to work in a few years of graduate school in philosophy at Tufts University where he worked in Phil. of Science and Epistemology.  His interests in these fields continue into today and he has added Phil. of Math and Phil. of Engineering to his studies.  Thomas is also part owner of a winery in Council Bluffs, IA.  His political belief system is moderate nihilism with pro-science and neo-monetarist overtones. He blogs under “The Nihilist“.

Vasily Ingogly, site designer and technical guru, is the principal designer at The High-Tech Coach. He spent way too many years in graduate school, studying environmental sciences under some of the folks today who are called Climate Change deniers, computer science somewhere else, then theology, and finally clinical psychology. As a result of this confusing personal history, many things make him very cranky, including today’s political climate. In the latter years of her life, his mom wore a sweatshirt that paraphrased the delightful bane of the Cathars, Arnaud Amalric, “Kill them all, and let God sort them out.” In the 1960s, she used to say that Patton should have been allowed to keep going and drive the Soviets back to Moscow, and that Joe McCarthy got a raw deal. Was she right? Who knows. You kids get the hell off my lawn.